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Training for change

Training for Change - the company

Training for Change provides specialist training, coaching and consulting in what we call human dynamics in business. The way we see it, business is ultimately transacted between people. And it's that interface where we typically receive the least training!

So since 1994, we've been developing initiatives to help people in business improve their human interactions.

Nick Read formed Training for Change in 1994 and developed it into a company that provides outstanding training results. Training for Change holds a reputation for running high quality initiatives and excellent programmes.


Our Services

Training for change

We can offer you support in the area of human dynamics in business. Whether that's by consulting, one-on-one coaching or customised group training, one of our team can help.

Click on Our Programmes for the range of subject areas and services we can help you with. If you want anything more specific, just contact us and we can discuss how to achieve your outcomes.


Our services include consulting, coaching and training in -

    • Business Writing, including technical, specialist, web and policy writing (Nick and Shelly)
    • Interpersonal Communications (Nick)
    • Leadership Skills (Nick)
    • Managing Change (Nick)
    • The Science and Art of Influence (Nick)
    • Power Reading (Nick and Craig)
    • Presentation Skills (Nick and Craig)
    • Recruitment and Selection Training for Managers (Craig)
    • Outlook and Time Efficiency training/coaching (Craig)